My Rebecca Bloomwood Shopping List Of Things That Will Clearly Make Me A Better Writer.

Really, if I’m going to be a writer, I should invest in one of those ergonomic ones which swivel round and go up and down…Maybe they sell chairs like that on the Internet. Maybe I should just have a quick little look.

Last week, I read Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic Takes Manhattan, the second book in the Shopaholic series. After writing my research paper last year on the first novel, I borrowed Manhattan and Ties the Knot from a friend so as to continue my Becky Bloomwood education.


In Manhattan, Becky has been given an advance to write a financial self-help book for those of us living with the type of debt addiction she is plagued with. She, of course, spends her advance before typing a single word. When she does finally decide to sit down and write, she is swiftly distracted by the plethora of items one can buy to look like a good writer. This scene had me stifling giggles under my bed sheets in an attempt to not wake my sleeping husband while I read by iPhone flashlight (sometimes I am a 12 year old trapped in a 30-something body) because I know this procrastination method all too well.

As the saying goes, writers write. It doesn’t matter on what or where; if you have a pen and paper or a computer screen with a keyboard, you can write. But wouldn’t it be so much nicer to have the perfect tools?

Here is my list of items that I find myself dreaming about to make myself a better writer without ever typing a word. This list ranges from the useful yet probably unnecessary, to the expensive and utterly ridiculous.

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International Chick Lit Month

All my term papers are handed in and final exams written. Now I spend my days sleeping, re-watching Sex and the City, and discovering that there is an apartment somewhere under the month old dirty laundry and mac n cheese boxes.  Thankfully, I also get to come back to the pile of books that have been waiting to be read. Finally, I am just in time for International Chick Lit Month!

Last year Chicklit Club, Chick Lit is Not Dead, Chick Lit Central and Novelicious dubbed the month of May Chick Lit Month to highlight the goings on of chick lit authors and fans. I am excited that Chick Lit Month is back for 2012! In honor of this prestigious month I have decided to dub May Confessions month at Bitch Lit.

I had the good fortune of reading Sophie Kinsella’s Confessions of a Shopaholic for one of my English classes this year and loved every page of it! Confessional writing is a predominate theme within the chick lit genre and I plan to explore the uses and implications of it while I dive into my TBR pile.

So, dear chick lit fans, what are your Confessions suggestions and what aspect of confessional writing would you like to hear about?

Chick-Lit Round-Up

The Decline of Chick Lit – Jennifer Coburn ponders the demise of chick lit and wonders if, instead of death, chick lit is simply nursing a massive hangover. Acknowledging that some authors are still thriving since the publishing market has changed in the last ten years, maybe all Chick Lit needs is to eat a greasy breakfast, drink a tall glass of a water, along with a bit of the ‘hair of the dog’ to get back in those heels.

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Polly Courtney vs. Chick Lit

We all know by know that high-heeled shoes, shopping addictions, and the search for Mr. Right is what most people think about when pondering the much denigrated women’s literature genre, Chick Lit. And this is exactly what British author Polly Courtney does not want her potential readers to think about when they see the cover of her book. That is why, at the launch of her latest novel last month, It’s a Man’s World, Courtney chose to publicly dump her publisher, HarperCollins, for misrepresentation. Courtney claims that the cover art did not accuratly reflect the content of her novel.

“I’m not averse to the term chick lit, but I don’t think that’s what my book is,” Courtney stated in a interview adding that “a lot of chick lit patronizes women.” However, some disagree with her and suggest that Courtney may be suffereing under an illusion about her writing. One such opponenet, Leah of, wrote, “No matter what Polly says, she writes Chick Lit. That’s the long and short of it…What Polly doesn’t realize is that her comments are patronizing. Women aren’t fooled by beautiful pink covers.” Continue reading “Polly Courtney vs. Chick Lit”