Review Policy

***At this time Bitch Lit Blog is no longer taking review requests. For further information please read here***

Bitch Lit Blog is happy to review books by women, about women, and for women. This generally means women’s literature with a specific interest in chick-lit.

Chick-lit is multifacited and therefore I am interested in exploring as many sub-genres as possible including (but not limited to):

  • Nanny Lit
  • Mommy Lit
  • Confessionals
  • Bitch Lit
  • Hollywood Lit
  • New York Lit
  • Lad Lit
  • Christian Lit
  • Multi-cultural Lit

Bound and eBook review copies are welcome. I read on a Sony eReader and therefore prefer .epub files but will also accept .pdf files.

Review Policy:

  1. Generally a review will be released within 4-6 weeks of receiving a review copy. At times this may take longer.
  2. I do not guarantee a review and reserve the right to refuse to review.
  3. I do not guarantee a positive review. All reviews are my own opinion and therefore will result in negative reviews from time to time.
  4. I strive to be fair, honest, and constructive when reviewing.
  5. I am willing to post reviews on other websites such as Amazon or Smashwords.
  6. Because this blog is about evaluating chick lit from a feminist perspective, authors/publishers/agents should be advised that reviews will likely include a feminist analysis.

A Note about Numerical Ratings:

In conjunction with a written review I also provide numerical ratings out of 5. This rating is to be taken as a reading recommendation and considered to be taken as follows:

  • 1 – Don’t Bother.
  • 2 – Bad, But I Finished It.
  • 3 – Liked It, But You Might Like It More.
  • 4 – Enjoyed Reading It, Would Recommend You Do the Same.
  • 5 – Holy Crap You Need to Read This So We Can Talk About It! Here, Take Mine.

If you are interested in Bitch Lit Blog reviewing your book please contact Christine by email blitblog at gmail dot com.

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