Weekly WTF – Top Search Edition

I want to take a moment to discuss Top Search key terms that bring people to this blog. Over the years I have been fascinated by the terms that bring people here. Most are pretty straightforward including titles of books or movies I have reviewed. Interestingly enough the top phrase that brings people here is “This is Hollywood, what’s your dream?” Which I think speaks to the place of permanence that Pretty Woman has in all our hearts.

But then there are the terms that clearly highlight those who are looking for porn, click on this blog, and get a book review about women and relationships. “Blow me bitch” was a popular term for awhile after my review of Blow MeI just can’t help but laugh to myself wondering what possesses someone in the middle of a porn search to click on a blog – but maybe they thought they were getting lucky. And hey, maybe they ended up liking what they read, although probably not.

This week’s top search term is “semen face”, which has puzzled me to no end because I can’t seem to figure out how that phrase brought an individual here. Often I can Google the phrase and within pages can find the post (because I’m crazy like that). I can’t help but get all Nancy Drew about it, but I have to tell you, after thirty pages of search results and no Bitch Lit Blog, I gave up. Which means, someone was VERY dedicated to their investigation of “semen face”. Even after all the Cosmo articles about how semen facials are the fountain of youth. Or the articles about how empowering the sex act of facials is. And then after pages and pages of youporn and pornhub and redtube video links, somewhere, somehow, Bitch Lit came up (*wink*).

Maybe it just has something to do with this image from this post:



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