Grad School Is My Life Now

gradschoolI am five and a half months into my one year grad program and I’m wondering where the time has been going. I am currently on reading week, which is an imaginary break where we kid ourselves into thinking that we’ll have to time to relax when really every moment is filled with writing presentations, papers, researching, and marking undergraduate mid-terms. Although I will say that I just spent yesterday entirely on the couch watching Being Erica on Netflix and eating sale Valentine’s Day chocolate… I enjoy living the chick lit stereotype sometimes.

I am happy to share that my proposal for my major research paper (MRP) was accepted over the holiday break! This means that I am officially writing about chick lit for grad school. Now I am in the middle of compiling the next step, which is a full bibliography for this 50 page monster I will be writing. I have a pile of really cool books. Although chick lit is still new in the real of academic research, there were a lot more books or anthologies than I thought there were. Additionally, I have chosen to look through the lens of postfeminism and confessional writing so the books keep getting more and more interesting. My school library is connected to three other universities so most of the time I have to put a call in for the books to be delivers… I love getting the emails that tell me they have arrived!

Other than my MRP I have had some interesting classes including a class on cosmetics and aesthetics that lead me to writing a paper about “pornification,” advertising, and postfeminism based on this image:



Now this term I am taking two film classes, one about digital cinema that has us watching films like Jurassic Park and talking about Star Wars. I kinda love grad school!

So, I’ve been thinking about this blog and my abandonment of it. I have been thinking how maybe my outlook needs to change for it at the moment. Because I want to start updating again but I know I don’t have the time for the kind of updates I used to be doing like reviews. So, for now, I’m loosening the concept of this blog. I want to talk about my MRP as it moves along and I will be reading books related to chick lit, obviously, so I will keep it in this realm. I hope that writing entries as I go will help keep me on track and be interesting for anyone reading. Maybe I can get things moving along on here again so that I can stop feeling compelled to write “I’m sorry I haven’t written” posts like I used to apologize to my diary for not writing when I was 8 years old.

I will leave it at that. Now, I am off to mark 50 midterms. The fun never stops!



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