Update: Wherein I Explain Where I Have Been

Well folks, it certainly has been awhile. My posting abilities have followed a slow decline with an ultimate halt in the last couple of months, my most regrettable moment being that I claimed I would blog through all of May, even declaring a theme and then NOTHING.  For this I feel I owe it to you (whoever might still be out there) and myself an explanation of what has been up and where I plan to go from here. Because bottom line is, I still love this blog and the things and people it has brought to me and I still have a lot to say on the topic of chick lit.

First, I have to admit that going back to school kicked my ass. September to April was full of classes, reading, writing, and working most evenings. Rightly so, these things are important and ate up my time. When enrolled in full time studies as well as working part-time, there is little room for personal reading let alone blog tour/review requests. I have Wonder Woman syndrome where I enter into things believing I can do it all. It is taking me a long time to learn where my limits are. However, at the very least, I am pleased to know that I remain passionate about my goals and projects. I just have to learn how to balance them and when to say no to certain things.

Secondly, on top of everything I have been dealing with some personal struggles since the beginning of this year. I have had to come to some tough truths and make some life altering decisions. Some days have been better than others and several weeks back to back were worse. I am learning it takes time to process this information and to emotionally heal and so much energy has been placed into that, especially over the last couple of months. I am glad to know I have a wonderful support system, which has made a tough time bearable. As I continue to work through things, I am feeling less stuck and so I want to taking up my passions once more.

Finally, I am going through a major transition this summer. Since all the final paper work is signed and mailed, I can shout my exciting news from the internet, I AM GOING TO GRAD SCHOOL! I have been accepted to a year long English Masters program based on my proposal letter talking about chick-lit. This is what I set out do last year so it is thrilling to know I have accomplished this goal!  So now, my husband, cats, and I , have to pack up and leave the city that we have lived in for over ten years. This feels huge. Because even though I am ready for the change and want to start a new chapter in my life, it is also scary. I am leaving behind amazing friends, a city that helped me grow up through my 20s (I just turned 30 last weekend), and a community of people that I know I can depend on. I am positive I will find all these things in my new city, but the unknown is always a little frightening, right?

Wow, that is a lot, eh? So where does that leave Bitch Lit?

I want to keep going and I want to keep sharing, especially as a year of focused study begins for me. But I know time will be tight. So I have come to a few conclusions:

  1. I can no longer accept review requests on a regular basis. I have met some amazing authors and read stories that have stuck with me and I will cherish those literary moments. I am sad to let go of taking on review requests, but this is what is going to help free up time for my stack of personal and academic reading.
  2. I am going to make a point of posting once a week. It might be sporadic for awhile as I try to figure out what day I would prefer so please feel free to sign up for email updates or follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook. Posts will still include reviews of books I have read but mostly I want to start focusing on articles about chick-lit and women’s literature.
  3. I am going to make a point of updating Facebook and Twitter daily. As we all know these forms of social media are a little less intensive than blogging every day, so I think no matter how busy I am, there can be time for Twitter.

I hope this clears up some things and that you will join me as I reboot and re-explore chick-lit and blogging. If you have any pointers, suggestions, or thoughts on topics you would like to see on Bitch Lit, please let me know! I love hearing from you folks!

Image from Toothpaste For Dinner


4 thoughts on “Update: Wherein I Explain Where I Have Been

  1. Christine, I have indeed missed your posts, but I’m so happy for your good news! Congrats! Yes, it will be challenging moving your whole life to a new city, but I think challenges like those just serve to make us more amazing than we already are. When I moved to Los Angeles from Atlanta to go to grad school, I was thrilled and saddened. I was leaving behind my best friend and my family. And even though life in LA was a bit of a struggle at first, it was so worth it. I have made incredible friends and had some awesome experiences because of it. You’ll do great!

    1. Lucie, Thank you so much for the words of encouragement! I am so ready for things to change. I think this next year is going to be really significant, which is kind of super scary but also exciting. And hey, I get to keep talking about chick-lit, how cool is that?

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