International Chick Lit Month

All my term papers are handed in and final exams written. Now I spend my days sleeping, re-watching Sex and the City, and discovering that there is an apartment somewhere under the month old dirty laundry and mac n cheese boxes.  Thankfully, I also get to come back to the pile of books that have been waiting to be read. Finally, I am just in time for International Chick Lit Month!

Last year Chicklit Club, Chick Lit is Not Dead, Chick Lit Central and Novelicious dubbed the month of May Chick Lit Month to highlight the goings on of chick lit authors and fans. I am excited that Chick Lit Month is back for 2012! In honor of this prestigious month I have decided to dub May Confessions month at Bitch Lit.

I had the good fortune of reading Sophie Kinsella’s Confessions of a Shopaholic for one of my English classes this year and loved every page of it! Confessional writing is a predominate theme within the chick lit genre and I plan to explore the uses and implications of it while I dive into my TBR pile.

So, dear chick lit fans, what are your Confessions suggestions and what aspect of confessional writing would you like to hear about?


One thought on “International Chick Lit Month

  1. Glad you’re back to book heaven, Christine! And I love your theme for Chick Lit Month. I really love confessional stories, too. It lets us in on the character’s secrets, which is always fun! Secret passions and lofty dreams are my faves. I love when a character finds it within herself to buck the system and be true to herself despite the odds against her.

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