TBR: Just Put them Next to the Others Edition

Ahahaha, The pile is getting larger you guys. I spent last weekend in Toronto. After finding the section of Chick-Lit (which an actual sign and everything) at BMV I had to buy some books! Add those to the books I bought the weekend before that at City Lights and there is actually no space left on my desk.

I’m super excited to read these books! Oh what is that? I have three papers and a midterm to write instead? Ugh. But the pink! The pretty! I’d much rather be reading that.


The Girls by Lori Lansens

Born during a Southern Ontario hurricane in 1974, twins Rose and Ruby Darlen were extraordinary from the start. Now approaching thirty and facing a time of change, Rose decides to write their shared story – of adoption, alienation, love and an on-going search – with Ruby adding her touching two cents and unintentionally revealing long-hidden truths. Through their incredible bond, which is both physical and emotional, The Girls show us that connection is the most important human trait of all.


As well as Chick/Women’s Lit Classics . . .







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