Chick-Lit Round-Up

The Decline of Chick Lit – Jennifer Coburn ponders the demise of chick lit and wonders if, instead of death, chick lit is simply nursing a massive hangover. Acknowledging that some authors are still thriving since the publishing market has changed in the last ten years, maybe all Chick Lit needs is to eat a greasy breakfast, drink a tall glass of a water, along with a bit of the ‘hair of the dog’ to get back in those heels.

Sophie Kinsella: ‘You can be highly intelligent – and also ditzy and klutzy.’ – Decca Aitkenhead of the Guardian sits down with author Sophie Kinsella to talk chick-lit label, writing about women in their silliest moments, and defending against the barrage of dismissals from critics about women writing about silly women. Kinsella sees her Shopaholic series as part of the, now upfront, discussion of consumerism and debt issues.

eBooks and Library Lending – If you like borrowing ebooks from your local library things just became a little more difficult. Penguin books has announced that it is severing ties with OverDrive, a library lending program, and will no longer offer new releases of ebooks or audiobooks to libraries. I don’t really understand this move and it just seems like a publishers attempt to keep control over the new fangled tech of e-reading. Any librarians/borrowers out there have thoughts?

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