2012 Reading Challenges

They say once you fall off the horse you need to get right back up again.

So, after falling off the last year’s Chick Lit Challenge I figured why not try again. Also, why not add another challenge to this one?

I have joined two 2012 reading challenges that I think are possible and actually complement each other rather well.

First up, the Chick Lit Challenge by Chick Lit Plus. The rules:

Challengers will read 12 chick lit books throughout 2012. You can (obviously) read more books of other genres, but you need at least 12 chick lit to count for this challenge.

Two of the twelve books need to be from debut authors. The debuts should be released in 2012.

If you are interested in this challenge you can find out more and sign up here.

The other challenge is the 2012 End of the World Reading Challenge hosting by the Insatiable Booksluts. This paticular challenge holds several more rules than the other but the premise is that, instead of counting books, you count pages read.

The person who reads the most pages in 2012 wins the prize: we will give you one cent per page read, up to 3500 pages (that’s $35.00) in the form of a gift card to your favorite bookshop (if they allow online purchases of gift cards) or online bookseller.

I figured that pages read overlapped enough with reading chick lit, reading for classes, and reading outside of the chick lit genre that this challenge made sense.

If you are interested in this challenge you can find the full list of rules and sign up here.

I found that in the last year I have read more fiction books that I had in several years leading up to it. This is something I would like to maintain and grow in the coming year. This has also lead me to consider de-cluttering certain aspects of my life. I’m not talking about that junk closet that I never look in (because it frightens me) but about what things take up my time and distract me.

I think “screen time” is a big one. With the amount of social networking, websites, movies, tv shows, text messages, and video games that I fill my time with I have started to wonder what life would be like without these things.

When I was young my mother used to implement No TV Week during one week of summer vacation. We always ended up doing really cool things once we stopped watching television. This has inspired me to do my personal challenge of going one day a week without screens (unless it is an ebook reader with zero web access/games). The computer, TV, and smart phone will be turned off for a whole 24 hours.

In addition to this I have deleted my personal Twitter account and am considering the same for Facebook. I wonder what life will be like without these things…

What are your personal challenges for 2012? Have any of you reduced your “screen time”? Was it easy or difficult? What was the most significant change that you noticed? Or, if you never have, would you consider shutting off all your screens for one day a week? 


3 thoughts on “2012 Reading Challenges

  1. I really should try that 24-hour no-screen challenge once a week — maybe I’ll be able to actually get some head-way into the End-of-the-world challenge (that’s actually how I found your blog — through your comment on the IB challenge post).

    Must. Back. Away. From. Keyboard. The internet can survive without me for a day. And maybe even the other way around 🙂

    1. Welcome to Bitch Lit! I’m glad you decided to click over! Hope you like what you see.

      The internet can survive without me for a day. And maybe even the other way around

      These are my thoughts exactly! Who knows what amazing things I could get done if I weren’t constantly connected to the internet… I’m excited to find out 😉

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