Priorities. I think this is my theme for 2012.

The last four months have been shaky after my decision to go back to school. Nothing illustrates this more than the months of radio silence in relation to this blog.

Admittedly, my life is hectic. I was promoted at work which adds responsibility and hours to my days. Also, adding a full course load of English classes, each with their own novel to be read weekly, is somewhat intense. But this is no excuse for abandoning this project. Many bloggers maintain busy lives as well as successful blogs.

And so, what I have had to confront in myself is my apathy toward success. This isn’t to say that I have never been successful, but I do hold an overall feeling of either expecting great things to fall into my lap or assuming I’m not good enough/smart enough/capable enough to accomplish things that I want. I have decided this is crap and needs to stop.

If my life were a chick flick, this point would be the Finally Getting Organized Because I am Determined to Accomplish My Goals, montage.

I have no apologizes but I also have no excuses for my lack of posting. What I want to say is that I have decided to make Bitch Lit a priority among the list of successes I aim for. Blogging helped bring me to my current path and blogging makes me happy. However, blogging doesn’t Just Happen, so it’s time to make it happen.

The last year of reading Challenges, blog tours, and community building has been more than I dreamed when I started. 2012 can only get better! Thank you to everyone who has made this such a wonderful experience. I am excited to see what will happen next!


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