“Pay No Mind to the Greener Grass” – High-Heels & Slippers! Review

Ella Slayne’s High-Heels & Slippers is a delightful, heartfelt story about a woman with a good head on her shoulders but who just hasnt’ figured everything out yet. Josie is a 30-something Customer Service Manager and Brit living in the States. Feeling like a fish out of water, Josie finds herself floundering between daydreams about her coworker, the gorgeous Callum or avoiding her recent ex-boyfriend and boss, Bob. If her work and love life drama was not enough an old flame from across the pond sends Josie a mysterious Facebook message that draws her back home.

High-Heels & Slippers is a delight to read. Slayne offers a familiar taste of Bridget Jones’s Diary and then makes it her own. Josie is a flawed woman who is fully aware of her flaws and this makes her loveable. She is witty and smart (even if she doesn’t think she is). I could relate to a lot of quirks in Josie’s character, including her “verbal vomit” when nervous.

I thought the twist of Josie’s thank you letters was an interesting take on the diary entry concept. Each chapter begins with a thank you letter. The letters include current friends, deceased family, and a bra company which lends them to a perfect balance of emotion and humor. These letters also help lead Josie to the point of marrying her past with her present with the hopes of moving into a positive future.

The struggles of not quite being where you want to be in life is a familiar one. So many of us compare our lives to those around us and sometimes things seem rosier for everyone else. I liked best friend Becky’s advice she received from her grandmother, “Pay no mind to the greener grass!”

I think Josie’s lesson is to focus on yourself and stop comparing. Only then will you find peace and acceptance.

Rating: 4/5

Thank you to Ella Slayne for her delightful novel! I look forward to more of her work.

Also thank you to Samantha for organizing another wonderful blog tour!  Check out more reviews here.


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