Obituary: Chick Lit Pronounced Dead, Again.

CHICK LIT – passed away on Tuesday September 27th, 2011 due to a 10% fall in book sales of some prominent chick lit authors. Chick Lit suffered an extended period of decline and has been pronounced dead on multiple occasions over the last few years. However, The Bookseller is certain that this time, chick lit is truly dead.

Chick Lit burst into the literary world in 1996 in the form of Bridget Jones’s Diary. Chick Lit always enjoyed a good laugh and could be relied upon for a quirky turn of phrase or a healthy dose of sarcasm. She rarely went out without wearing brightly coloured jackets which she accessorized with snappy shoes. Chick Lit, although at times unsure of herself, never let her doubts get in the way of her success. Her friends were her lifeline and supported her through tough and joyful times. Chick Lit believed that one could create ones own family, especially when dealing with an emotionally unstable and overly critical mother. Chick Lit continually rose above hardship to gain greater insight of herself and those around her. Many believed that Chick Lit was looking to settle down and although at times she would picture herself married and with children, it was only after meeting someone who was her equal and didn’t interfere with her career and personal goals.

Chick lit knew she could never please everybody, even though she tried, but she never fully understood why some hated her so much. Some critics would put her down, ignore her, or write her off entirely. Chick Lit would often remind others of her grandmothers, The Sentimental Novel and Domestic Fiction as she attempted to prove her importance and necessity. Although some could see the resemblance from the Women’s Literature family, they still considered Chick Lit a pale comparison.

Among all the nay-sayers, supporters of Chick Lit are fierce and as such many refuse to believe that this death pronouncement is any more real than those that came before it. Some have reported sightings of Chick Lit in India while others claim she has disguised herself in uncharacteristically muted colours. And still others claim she is spending more time online becoming better acquainted with

Where ever Chick Lit may be we raise our cocktail glass and remember her fondly!


2 thoughts on “Obituary: Chick Lit Pronounced Dead, Again.

  1. Chick Lit may be dead to some, but it will thrive amongst its fans, whom you mentioned are fiercely loyal. 10 years ago, Historical fiction was dead. Soon, vampires will return to their coffins. Dead doesn’t really exist in publishing. They just want us to think it does.

  2. I agree with Lucie. Chick lit like every genre, hell like life, goes through change and influences sister genres like historical fiction (Tasha Alexander’s Lady Emily series and nonfiction’s Eat Pray Love). There will be someone who will write a book that resonates with women and it will take take off again.

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