“The Em-Girl Goes for Another Rocker” – ‘Rock Star’s Girl’ Review

Emily Watts is a work-a-holic, chained to her computer maintaining her popular fashion website, freelance writing, and seeking out advertisers to keep her head above water during these tough economic times. So, when she is invited out to old friend Jesse Cinder’s gig for his trying-to-make-it-big band, Ashes of Brooklyn, Emily jumps at the chance for a much needed break. That night she meets Cory Sampson, lead singer for the chart-topping rock band, Blistering Twilight, and hits its off with the sexy rock star. Little does Emily know that she is about to become tabloid fodder and rise to the status of celebrity overnight when celebrity gossip blog, Wally Hood goes Hollywood dubs her The Em-Girl.

Emily quickly learns that celebrity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be as the gossip sites follow her every move and invent stories about her actions and personal motivations. Emily must deal with being caught in a fabricated, tabloid fueled love triangle, the ups and downs of public opinion, while navigating love and friendship with fame hungry rock stars who don’t seem to care that she is reaping all the negatives of fame while they gain the benefits.

Ah, another Hollywood chick lit! I had a bit of a rocky start with J.F. Kristin’s Rock Star’s Girl because I was a bit thrown off by the flashback start but once I fell into the pace of the novel things really took off! Emily seemed to have her head on her shoulders about what she wanted from her self made career and as a blogger. How could I not enjoy her success as a snarky fashion blogger turned freelance writer? I also liked that Emily didn’t seem to take too kindly to being jerked around. Although there are aspects of her relationships with Jesse and Cory that open her up to being used or even thrown under the bus for the gain of either man, Emily always finds her footing and takes back her power. Too often situations like these follow a wilting main character who requires rescuing by the end. Refreshingly this is not true in Rock Star’s Girl.

Not being much for celebrity gossip magazines or websites (the closest is the feminist pop culture site Jezebel with all it’s delightful snarkiness) I found it interesting and infuriating reading the article postings about Emily throughout the novel. Kristin incorporates internet devices into Rock Star’s Girl such as social media, websites, and blogging in a way that I think really speaks to how many people get their news (or gossip) on a daily basis. The novel’s commentary on celebrity gossip and it’s effects on those being gossiped about is refreshing. Kristin seems to recognize the ways it can be used to maintain celebrity status as illustrated through Cory who claims any press is good press, or Jesse’s new manager who is willing to piggyback on current gossip to launch Ashes of Brooklyn to stardom. And finally, the ways that a sudden skyrocket to fame is harmful to the person who never asked for it and how public opinion reverberates through Emily’s life and career.

As I mentioned previously, I was thrown off at the beginning by the way the story beginning it’s trajectory by flashing back but this is minor once I got into the flow of the novel. Kristin’s style is vivid and descriptive sometimes to a fault but overall lends itself to a detailed image of character actions and surroundings that easily bring the reader into experiencing the scene. The ending to Rock Star’s Girl is different from what some might expect but was exactly what I wanted and confirmed my feelings about Emily’s empowerment.

I also just want to note that J.F. Kristin is a fellow Canadian from Thunder Bay, Ontario. It always delights me to read new Canadian authors writing in the chick lit genre. Be sure to check out Rock Star’s Girl!  I look forward to more from Kristin!

I read Rock Star’s Girl on a Sony eBook reader as an .epub file. The body of the text was formatted well, including table of contents and chapter selection options. Rock Star’s Girl is 288 eBook pages long. 

Rating: 4/5


Thank you again to Samantha at Chick Lit Plus for inviting me to participate in another wonderful blog tour! Don’t forget to check out other reviews, interviews, and guest posts for Rock Star’s Girl!

You can also check out J.F. Kristin’s website.


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