“Blow Me!”

Blow Me is the story of three single women trying to make it (read: survive) in L.A. Skylar, Dawn, and Chloe are hovering around 40 while still living a 20-something lifestyle in an attempt to land the love (or bank account) of their life. Unfortunately such goals haven’t been easy to come by.  Skye (with an E) is a trained hairdresser turned executive assistant that just lost her job, set her apartment on fire, and now with only $30 to her name lives out of her car. Dawn gave up her MBA to help her family during tough times only to now be stuck at Model Dating service, hooking up young women with rich men. And French-Canadian Chloe is a master of the “slash” job status as a actress/real estate agent/husband hunter who has yet to be successful at any of them. In the land of plastic, where everyone seems fake, can a woman truly know who she is and what she wants for herself? And if she does, how can she get it?

While reading Lennie Ross’ Blow Me I realized I have read a number of ‘Hollywood’ novels this summer and every time I dive in I come out frightened about this strange fairy tale place on the West Coast. I say this because the women of Blow Me took a little while to warm up to. On the surface they are sexed up, label wearing, man hunting, and money seeking. Skylar has lived by the rules of dinner = sex. She makes sure that her looks are bankable so she can score free meals, clothes, vacations, and spa treatments from the men who want to have sex with her. Chloe is impossibly desperate (for reasons later revealed) and falls in ‘love’ with every man she sleeps with. Dawn seems to be the one out of the three who is most down to earth as she refuses to sell herself out for men yet still dreams of the bonuses (such as not worrying about money) if she were to marry someone rich. At the begning I wasn’t even sure if these women truly liked one another. So, if this is what L.A. is like than I think I would be eaten alive!

I identified with Dawn most and warmed up to Skylar after getting passed her selfishness and thought that Chloe was pretty good comedy relief as her situations are ridiculous! I found myself gasping and shaking my head at everything Chloe did. All three women meet men who seem too good be true and one turns out to be terrible. While negotiating these relationships in conjunction with their age, what I thought was most striking about Blow Me is how much it is about women’s financial insecurity and the ways these women were attempting to become stable.

It was interesting how the women reacted to conversations with the men they were dating.  The phrase “just like a man to think so black and white” struck me as something I have thought or said before. Not because I think that men and women are particularly different but because of the different ways they may experience the world. For example, the times this phrase came up had to do with financially successful men telling unsuccessful women that they should just turn their life around as if with a snap of the fingers. Both Skye and Dawn pushed back against this due to their reality not being the same as the men who advised them.

Blow Me is a snappy, quick read with an unexpected depth about women’s experience in a shallow society. Although I feel the ending became a bit “Happily Ever After” I am starting to suspect this is unavoidable coming out of Los Angeles.  Ross’ writing is upbeat, sharp, and is easy to imagine scenes from Blow Me as a movie or television show. I look forward to more writing by Lennie Ross!

Rating: 4/5

You can check out Lennie’s website here.

Also, thank you to Samantha of Chick Lit Plus and Lennie Ross for including me in yet another Chick Lit Plus blog tour!  Check out the rest of the tour stops here.


8 thoughts on ““Blow Me!”

  1. Sounds cute! LA definitely has it’s share of shallow people, but there are some really genuinely wonderful people here, too. You just have to know where to look for them. Took me a few years to find my group of friends who are just stellar. In the meantime, you can have lots of fun with those shallow people, too. 🙂

    1. I never really understood the West vs. East coast thing until reading more L.A. fiction this summer, haha! I’m starting to suspect I’m more New York than L.A… ya know, as much as a small town Canadian girl can know that.
      I definitely need to do Cali as some point in my life though 😉

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