National Blog Posting Month

I decided to participate in National Blog Posting Month (which is kinda like NaNoWriMo but can be signed up for any month of the year) in an attempt to get in the habit of placing more content on this blog, building and strengthening my readership, and jump starting my daily writing. I didn’t announce it because I was afraid I’d fall off the wagon… and well, I already did because I missed yesterday. Luckily, NaBloPoMo’s theme for this month is Fiction. So, in an effort to end up with more posts this month than not I am putting a request out to you, dear readers.

What would you like me to post about this month?

I have mostly posted a few of my thoughts about chick lit, how I got into it, blog tours, and reviews. I am signed up for a couple of blog tours this month and plan to review more books independently… but what do you want to see? Author profiles? Guest posts? What to look for when choosing chick lit? Photo documentation of me reading chick lit in odd/public spaces? Come on, let me know! Lets have some fun with this!


6 thoughts on “National Blog Posting Month

  1. Photos are nice, of whatever is appropriate. People like looking at things.
    HUMOR. Humor is huge. And you are a very funny lady.
    Relevant youtube clips of movies, mashups, parodies of chicklit material would be cool. People like looking at things.
    Movie reviews – I love them. I think you already did one a while back about that wedding film with John Krasinski in it, right? Will be excellent once The Help is released.

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