‘Click: An Online Love Story’ – Review

Renee Greene is turning 30 and her love life isn’t exactly where she thought it would be, in fact she doesn’t even have a boyfriend. That’s all about to change (or so she hopes) thanks to her best guy friend, Mark, who convinces her to sign up for an online dating site with him in the hopes of meeting The One.  Too bad internet dating isn’t much different from all over forms of dating! Lisa Becker’s Click: An Online Love Story is a light, comical, and zippy read about Renee’s plunge into online dating, told entirely through email entries between herself and friends Mark, Shelley, and Ashley. Also, lets not forget the grab bag of men directed to Renee through, ‘Choose Jews,’ the dating site that will keep her mother happy.

The email format is what interested me the most about this book since it is a fresh way to tell a story.  Generally, the email exchange worked, although, I admit that I was frustrated in a few spots where I was left out of the loop as the reader.  For example, at one point characters make plans to meet for drinks after work to discuss an issue that they do not wish to discuss in email, therefore leaving the reader to wonder what they talked about. Additionally, with every introduction to a possible new date some of the email exchanges became repetitive. But overall, I enjoyed the email format and it left me wondering about the use of other mediums such as texting, Facebook, or Twitter exchanges to tell a story. Maybe I’m onto something…

I think the best thing about this book was Renee’s friendships. They reminded me of my own – supportive, upbeat, and always trying to make each other laugh. Shelley was my favourite character because she was easy going and funny; always making up new code names for her different partners in her sexual adventures. I also liked that Shelley and Ashley reminded me of Samantha and Charlotte from Sex and the City. These two represented how sometimes friendships can be strained and/or created by combining friends from different parts or times in life, such as the childhood vs. college friends.

I recommend Click for anyone looking for an upbeat, quick read that has a fresh take on the diary or confessional format…and for anyone who understands the horrors (and possible joys) of online dating!

I read Click on my eBook reader. It was formatted well with full table of contents chapter selection and is 125 pages in length. You can read a sample of Click, here

Rating: 4/5


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