Chick Lit Update

Sykes hates it, Weiner loves it, readership has evolved, and the mother of all chick lit uses Twitter as her diary turns 15 years old! Here are this weeks news stories about the shoe addicted genre.

Plum Sykes on Snobbery, Vogue, Hating Chick Lit

Jennifer Weiner Talks ‘Good in Bed’, Chick Lit, and Cheating Husbands

Readership for Summer Chick Lit Genre has Changed it’s Colors since ‘Devil Wears Prada’ Days

‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’ Turns 15! Author Helen Fielding Talks Tweeting Her Next Novel

Also, check out reviews of Chantel Simmons’ book ‘Love Struck’ over at Chick Lit Plus Blog Tours!  You can also join Samantha and Chantel on Tuesday, May 31st at 7 pm CST for a TwitParty! Use the hashtag #CLPChantel to ask your questions and participate!

Last but certainly not least, you can now join Bitch Lit Blog on Facebook!


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