Wait, Someone Actually RUNS this Blog?

Arguably, it’s not run very well…

Self deprecation aside, what better time to return to blogging than on the eve of the theatrical release of Something Borrowed? Without going into boring, whining, depressing amounts of detail let me just say that the last few months have been tough.  Lots of work, not enough sleep, and too much snow later I feel I am finally emerging as a spring flower. And my excitement for Something Borrowed tomorrow can not be contained!

I decided to pull the super girly thing and talked my significant other into joining me for this movie event.  I’d like to image that he will enjoy himself but it’s difficult to say.  We don’t usually drag each other to our polar opposite movie tastes, instead opting for the films in the middle ground. So I think the experience will be interesting enough… but I’m hoping the movie is gooood!

Other than the movie (which I will review after seeing it) I thought it might to be nice to let you know what is in the pipeline for this blog in the next few months.  I have some reviews coming up for books I have been reading including Feminista.  Additionally, I plan to write a few analysis posts based off of Stephanie Harzewski’s Chick Lit and Postfeminism.

Bitch Lit will also be host to two authors on blog tours in June organized by Samantha at Chick Lit Plus (blog tours).  First Hollywood Ending will be reviewed June 13th followed by a guest post on the 15th by author Lucie Simone! Then on June 27th I will be reviewing Laurel Osterkamp’s Starring in the Movie of my Life.

So keep an eye on this blog.  You can also find Bitch Lit on Facebook now to keep up to date!


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