A Little House-Keeping

Hello Internet, it certainly has been awhile.  It was rather rude of me to unveil myself and then disappear for a month.  Now you know I’m a flake. This is such a crappy, flaky thing to say but honesty life got in the way.  Other than being a flake, you should also know that I am a recent university graduate and after spending a summer working part-time and sitting in the sun the rest of the time, I was taken by surprise by the sudden urge to find more work so as to feel useful.  This is my first September in seven years that I am not attending classes and it is a bit jarring, especially when I work on a University campus.  Everyone else is having hair-pulling academic stress fun but me. Additionally, I have a lot of student debt.  So, I spent September working every odd job I could find on top of my part-time.

All the while I have not forgotten this blog.  In fact I have been reading quite a bit.  I finished reading The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters. I have re-read Bridget Jones’s Diary and am looking forward to posting about it because the experience second time around was drastically different from my first reading a year ago. As a bonus I also watched the movie, which is awful. I have also started to re-read Bergdorf Blondes, which I still find hilarious, even though any of my classmates from last year who are reading this probably still think I’m crazy. And finally, I have been reading essays from Chick Lit: The New Woman’s Fiction by Suzanne Ferriss and Mallory Young.

In between all of that, I sometimes lust after an Amazon Kindle.  My desire for an ebook reader has been intense and everlasting (four months).  I have decided on a Kindle to read and carry all my chick-lit goodness on and am now waiting for a steady second job to kick in so as to purchase the object of my lust.

In closing I think I should leave you with a little hope for the future. I believe that part of my flakiness is a problem with thinking too big too fast.  I wasn’t sure what a good posting schedule would be for Bitch Lit. I want it to be super good and super awesome so that means posting every day! Right? Maybe wrong.  So here it is: I will post every Monday.  Maybe there will be smaller, off the cuff posts every so often but you can be sure that a post will be up on Monday. Let’s see where things go from there, shall we?


3 thoughts on “A Little House-Keeping

  1. Look! I’m reading your blog, like I promised!

    Now that your second job could be realized in the very near future, will your life still be filled with Kindle goodness?

      1. I might ask my parents for a Kindle for Christmas. We could be Kindle buddies! Sit in public, read our Kindles, make everyone super jealous, etc.

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